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  • Contracts and license released to INTEL of the software platform EyesWeb (conceived, designed, and developed by InfoMus Lab: ): EyesWeb is adopted by INTEL as standard for their hardware products for "independent living".
  • Contracts with SUGAR Srl music label on joint research on active music listening products.
  • Contracts with SIPRA SpA media advertising industry, for prediction of TV audience based on KANSEI technology (2000-2008).
  • Design and development of interactive on-stage technology for several Operas, including "Outis", Luciano Berio, Teatro alla Scala, Milano; "Cronaca del Luogo", Luciano Berio, Salzburg Festival 1999; Biennale di Venezia; Teatro La Fenice, Venezia; Teatro Carlo Felice, Genova.